Philosophy of Fighting. Morals and Motivations Of the Modern Warrior

The first printed collection of the popular “Way of the Warrior” columns from Black Belt magazine, this anthology contains a diverse selection of articles on traditional martial arts, modern combat, and the mentality and inspirations of a fighter. These essays offer a unique perspective on the evolution of thought on martial arts, as well as a chronological view of the trends and traditions associated with the different disciplines. ...

Boxing: A Cultural History

Boxing is one of the oldest and most exciting of sports: its bruising and bloody confrontations have permeated Western culture since 3000 B.C. During that period, there has hardly been a time in which young men, and sometimes women, did not raise their gloved or naked fists to one other. Throughout this history, potters, sculptors, painters, poets, novelists, cartoonists, song-writers, photographers and film-makers have been there to...

Tai Chi Yang Style Tai Chi Chi Kung II Discharge Form

This booklet gives you a clear, detailed description of the Tai Chi Chi Kung Yang Discharge Form practiced in the Universal Healing Tao System. This form facilitates and promotes the use of discharge power pronounced in Chinese as Fa Jin with hundreds of drawings and detailed illustrations. It covers the use of the eight variations of discharge power known as the Ba Fa Jin. These are explored in the context of push hands (Tui Shou). ...

H2H (Hand to Hand) Combat: Modern Army Combatitives

The US Army— the most modern fighting force in the world—relies on the latest technology in smart bombs, fighter planes, and smart ships, but when fighting in the battlefield, all the technology in the world can be reduced to two soldiers locked in hand-to-hand combat, where survival is the winning prize. The most technologically advanced fighting force in the world relies on the best and most effective hand-to-hand fighting techniqu...

Shaolin Virgin Boy Exercise

The Chinese wushu is profound and rich in contents, including boxing, weapon, chikung, lightnessexercise and so on. What people often see are the routine performances of boxing and sword. And those mysterious legend skills are little known. Shaolin Virgin Boy Exercise is one of the most vivid kinds of Chinese Kungfu, the most ancient and best part, which is regarded as the temples treasure. Doing this exercise ever since childhood wi...

Chinatown Jeet Kune Do

The basic structures and principles of Jeet Kune Do (JKD), the martial arts system developed by the iconic Bruce Lee, are revealed in this insightful handbook. Step-by-step lessons illustrate JKD s two basic stances and demonstrate how to perform fundamental footwork, kicking, countering, and defensive moves. The most effective aspects of JKD are highlighted, as are some of its lesser-known tools and approaches. This invaluable manua...

The Mysterious Power of Xingyi Quan

The ancient Chinese martial art of Xingyi Quan is known for its explosive internal power. Closely related to both Taiji Quan and Bagua Quan, Xingyi is regarded as the most esoteric, and the most dangerous of the fighting arts, though the purposes of consistent practice include health and spiritual development. This in-depth guide is the first to cover the history and traditions of the art in such a comprehensive way, describing the e...

El Mejor Karate 2: Los Fundamentos

Contenido: Introducción. Qué es el karate-do. Las caderas. La postura. La dinámica. Los puntos clave. El entrenamiento clave. Los músculos del esqueleto. La programación de la práctica para las técnicas básicas. Glosario.

Old Sword-Play The Systems Of The Fence

This, the second of Hutton’s books to be reprinted by Naval and Military Press (the other is Cold Steel: a practical treatise of the sabre) is extremely rare, for only 300 copies were printed. The author, ex-King’s Dragoon Guards, was an acknowledged fencing expert, who made it his business to know the history of his sport as well as the practical application of it. Here he looks at the 15th to 16th centuries, and starts by looking a...

Siu Nim Tau: "Little-Idea" - The First WingTsun kungfu set. The Set, Theory, Main Points, Mottos & Applications

About this bookSiu Nim Tau or literally translated as the 'Little Idea' is the first bare-handed kungfu set of the WingTsun system. In this book you'll learn the set theory main-points mottoes and applications of Siu Nim Tau.About the AuthorProfessor Leung Ting is the founder of the Leung Ting WingTsun system permanent president and 10th level Master of Comprehension MOC of the International Wingtsun Association. He possessed a Bache...